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A Sky Full of Twinkling Stars・きらめく満天の星空・满天闪烁的星星

Updated: May 18, 2023

My next stop after Istanbul, Turkey was Amman, Jordan. This was the final stop in my great adventure to journey to 10 countries in one trip.

When I visited, I needed a PCR test 72hrs before arrival and needed to complete a “Declaration Form” and a “Locator Form” and present it before departure from Turkey. You can find all the information you need about entry requirements for Jordan at this link.

One thing that was mainly different from the other countries I visited was that you must have health insurance valid for the period of your intended stay. However, I still recommend everyone to get travel insurance regardless of if this is a requirement.

If you purchase the Jordan Pass, certain tourist spot entry fees are covered as well as the 40JD (~$56) visa fee which will be waived for citizens of certain countries. Careem and Uber are your best options if you plan on taking a taxi within Amman.

My first stop was Wadi Rum, a desert valley cut into sandstone and granite rock. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can stay at one of the many Bedouin camps and experience a night sleeping in a traditional Bedouin tent and eating delicious food including Zarb (the Bedouin method of cooking meat in an underground oven).

I remember as a kid, going to a science museum and looking up at the Planetarium and thinking how beautiful a sight it was. This time, I was seeing the real thing. That evening, there was nothing but desert surrounding us and you could see vividly how the Milky Way was sparkling down on the darkness that covered the area.

The stars twinkled brighter as they lit up the entire sky and as I gazed up above trying to catch a glimpse of a shooting star, it was so humbling and relaxing. It was the most gorgeous night view I’ve ever seen.

Once dawn broke, the outside looked as if I had time traveled into a Star Wars movie. The sandy desert looked like it was simply serving as a backdrop to a different planet entirely.

My next stop, Petra, is one of the Seven Wonders in the world and is known for its gorgeous tombs and temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs. Al-Siq is the entrance and narrow gorge that leads to the Al-Khazneh (the Treasury).

The Bedouin people, who have called Petra their home for hundreds of years, still live in caves or tents in Petra and the surrounding area. They are very hospitable and kind to others and even welcomed me into their home to have tea.

I had originally planned to see Petra on my own, but stumbled upon a wonderful guide named Zaid who took me around on horseback through paths only he knew. I was able to see the Treasury from so many different angles and navigate the entire place very smoothly thanks to him.

If I go back to Petra, I will definitely contact Zaid since he was very trustworthy and kind. He also took wonderful pictures that I will cherish dearly. Don’t wait to get a tour guide once you are there since it can be quite intimidating with all the options you will have and how pushy a lot of the guides can be. You can contact Zaid on Instagram and plan your trip ahead of time.

The next day’s adventures consisted of multiple stops located in downtown Amman. The Amman Citadel, Roman Theater, and Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions are 100% worth scoping out. Everyone in Jordan always made me feel welcomed by saying, “Welcome! Welcome!” under every circumstance you can think of. I felt like I was welcomed so many times in Jordan that it beats the combined number of times I have been told “welcome” in all the 28 countries I have been to.

Don’t forget to eat some Shwarma (seasoned meat in a pita wrap), Falafel (deep-fried balls made with chickpeas), Kanafeh (sweet cheese dessert), Manaeesh (pizza with zaatar), and Mansaf (lamb and rice).

Amman has quite a few stylish and posh coffee shops that I got to visit. Any spiced flavors had vibrant notes to them and there was an indescribable comfort in drinking a latte while driving through the desert.

Since Jordan was the last country I visited on my 10 Country Trip, read about the other 9 countries I visited by clicking on each country!

Random thoughts:

For safety abroad, instead of sharing your location and what you're up to via Facbook or Instagram, send it to someone you trust. Use technology to keep yourself safe. I recommend the Life360 app since it shows real-time location and last known locations even if the other person doesn’t have internet connection.

Make sure you have an offline map downloaded of the area you plan to be in. It’s been very convenient to have in a lot of the counties I visited. This way, even when you don’t have any phone connection or wifi, you will know when to get off the bus or tram etc. The best app that I have been using for years is MAPS.ME. It enables you to pre-download chosen area maps and you can navigate yourself to locations as well as see hotel and subway information.





ヨルダン観光パスを購入すると、特定の観光地の入場料と、特定の国の国民が免除される40JD (~$56) のビザ代が含まれます。アンマン市内でタクシーを利用する場合は、CareemとUberが最適なオプションです。


















当我访问时,我需要在抵达前72小时进行PCR测试,并需要填写一份 "声明表 "和 "定位表",并在离开土耳其前出示。你可以在这个链接中找到所有你需要的关于约旦入境要求的信息。











第二天包括在安曼市区的冒险。安曼城堡、罗马剧院和约旦大众传统博物馆100%值得一探究竟。约旦的每个人都让我感觉很受欢迎,他们说:"欢迎! 欢迎!"在你能想到的各种情况下。我觉得我在约旦被欢迎了很多次,这比我在我去过的所有28个国家被告知 "欢迎 "的次数加起来还要多。






确保你下载了你计划去的地区的离线地图。 在我访问的很多国家里,有这样的地图非常方便。这样,即使你没有任何手机连接或WIFI,你也会知道何时下车或乘坐电车等。我多年来一直使用的最好的应用程序是MAPS.ME。它使你能够预先下载选定的地区地图,你可以自己导航到各地,并看到酒店和地铁信息。


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