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Den Chan, A Golden Tabby・ゴールデン・タビー猫のデンちゃんの紹介・介绍一下Den酱,一只金色的虎斑橘猫

To say that Den Chan was a beloved member of our family would be an understatement. He was a fluffy purring ball of fur that loved cuddles, meowed fervently while eating as if he was saying "thank you", and loved playing with tennis balls.

We named him Den Chan because he had beautiful gol”den”-colored fur that would shine in the sunlight when he was sunbathing in his favorite spots. When my family moved from Japan to Texas, we officially adopted him, so he made the international move with us.

During his thirteen plus years with my family, he went from being a stray kitten to being a huge part of us. He was the sweetest kitty we could have ever wished for and continues to live in our hearts and memories forever. So he was more than simply a family member, he meant the world to us.

Unbeknownst to many people, I have always wanted to share Den Chan's story as a children's book and after he passed away, I made it a goal to do so. Little by little, the story came together in Japanese and then I translated it into English and Chinese.

Almost five years later and after many ups and downs trying to self-publish, I am overjoyed to announce that the children's book I have written has finally come to life with the help of a very talented illustrator friend!

The book will be a bilingual series with a Japanese & English version, English & Chinese (Mandarin) version, and Chinese & Japanese version. All three books will be exclusively available for purchase here at, so make sure you are subscribed to be the first to know when the books launch! The tentative launch date is sometime in November of this year, so don't forget to tell a friend about subscribing to my newsletter!

This first publication of mine is a testament of how dreams do come true, and I hope that it inspires you to pursue one you have. It is written from the bottom of my heart to encourage young readers to explore the vast and magical world we live in. The bilingual versions are written with the utmost desire to motivate anyone studying either English, Japanese or Chinese.

Check out the links below!

Coming Soon: A Bilingual Children's Book Den Chan Instagram










近日発売予定: バイリンガルの子供の絵本



说Den酱对我的家庭意味着世界是太轻描淡写的。它是一个毛茸茸的皮球,喜欢拥抱,吃东西的时候喵喵叫,好像在说 "谢谢你",还喜欢用网球玩。

我们给它取名叫 "Den酱",因为它有漂亮的金色毛发,当它在自己喜欢的地方晒太阳时,在阳光下会闪闪发光。当我的家人从日本搬到德克萨斯州时,我们正式收养了它,所以它和我们一起进行了国际迁移。




这本书将是一个双语系列,包括日语和英语版本,英语和中文(普通话)版本,以及中文和日语版本。所有这三本书都将在混血漫谈的网站独家发售,所以请确保你订阅了我的博客,以便在它们推出时第一个知道! 暂定的推出日期是今年11月的某个时候,所以别忘了告诉朋友订阅我的通讯哦!


请查看下面的链接! 即将推出:双语儿童书


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