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Do You Have a Dream You Can Give Up?・諦めてもいい夢ってありますか?・你有可以放弃的梦想吗?

Updated: Mar 15

Imagine you died today, what would your tombstone say? What would other people say about you?

For me, I want to be known as the girl who was working towards making her dreams come true, not simply a girl who had dreams.

I want people to know that life can be hard and ugly, but that there is so much magic in finding what you want to do and putting all your energy and power into manifesting it to life.

During college, even though it seemed most of the world was not on my side, I was granted the opportunity to study as an exchange student in Japan.

Going to China right after college was almost impossible, but somehow worked out in the most perfect way, resulting in me calling Beijing my home for over three years.

No one had a blog with English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese side-by-side and I didn't want to keep waiting for someone to create one. All I needed was the determination to create something that hadn't previously been done. Now, almost 5 years later, I have written 60 blog posts and have many more rambles to share.

Attending culinary school was a dream I had mainly given up on until one of my students while cutting a tomato, joyously exclaimed, “I have always wanted to learn how to cook!” The students whom I got to teach how to cook and bake had a joy of learning and it reminded me that I still really wanted to attend culinary school.

Visiting 30 counties before I turned 30 was a fun and half-serious dream that started by a coincidence. It later morphed into me galloping across continents and making 10 country trips and 4 country trips. The COVID outbreak did not stop my efforts and instead, I became a pro at taking antigen and PCR tests.

Many other smaller goals have been sprinkled in between each bigger dream I had, like hugging a giant panda and scanning groceries.

Last year, I finally quit the full-time job that was draining me and created my very own company and proudly incorporated using this blog as the name. However, even though I studied business administration and had experience building up a start-up, I still did not know what I was doing. All I knew was that I was happier pursuing my dream of publishing my first children's book.

It was a dream that began 5 years ago in a quaint coffee shop tucked away in the bustling city of Tokyo. While sipping on a matcha latte with a panda latte art drawn on top, I finished writing the first draft of my children's book. Six months after quitting my job, after countless calls between Japan and manuscript edits, I ended up with a final draft. After printing the books, setting up shop, and figuring out shipping logistics, I was able to officially launch “Den Chan: The Cat Who Crossed the Ocean” with the help of many supportive friends and family members.

All purchases in the Den Chan Store directly support my Texas-based business and the books are proudly printed and bound in Texas with care. Supporting local businesses has always been a dream of mine and it means so much to be able to support my home state where part of the book’s story takes place.

My current dream is to open the Den Chan Cafe based on the book. It will be the purr-fect place for cat lovers and language lovers to gather together over cat-themed goodies.

So, what is a dream of yours?

You could write a bucket list to help you keep track. Or you could simply go do that one thing you've always said you would do.

Perhaps it's something small, like cooking a dish you have always told yourself you would try making. Perhaps it's that country you have dreamt about visiting.

Why not take a step toward making your dream come true?

It doesn't have to be a big step. Small steps become big steps, you just have to keep taking small steps.

What do you want to be remembered for?



























没有人同时拥有英语、日语和普通话的博客,我也不想一直等着别人来创建博客。我所需要的只是创造前所未有的东西的决心。现在,将近 5 年过去了,我已经写了 60 篇博文,还有更多的漫谈要与大家分享。


在我 30 岁之前访问 30 个国家是一个半认真半有趣的梦想,开始于一个巧合。后来,它演变成我驰骋各大洲,进行10个国家的旅行4个国家的旅行。COVID 的爆发并没有阻止我的努力,相反,我成了抗原和 PCR 检测的行家里手。



这梦想是在5年前开始的。我在一家东京的咖啡厅,一边喝拉花熊猫的抹茶拿铁,一边写完了这儿童书的第一搞。辞职半年后,经过无数次往返日本的电话和手稿修改,我最终完成了定稿。在印书、开店、确定运输物流之后,我在许多支持我的朋友和家人的帮助下,我正式推出了《Den酱: 漂洋过海的猫》










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Mar 16

This is so inspirational! I love how you were able to visit 30 countries before you turned 30! I'm close behind you. I wish, I could have made it to the Middle East and South America. This Blog is so unique, heart felt and wonderful to share! Your Cat-Language Cafe will be quite the adventure!

Ann K.
Ann K.
May 15
Replying to

Thank you so much! (sorry, I missed your comment) Hope you get to 30 countries, soon! Yes, it will be quite the adventure -- maybe you can come visit once it's open! 🐱

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