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Why A Trilingual Blog Means So Much to Me・私にとっての三か国語のブログの大切さ・为什么写三国语的博客对我来说意义重大

Updated: May 18, 2023

If you have read the "About me" section of this blog, you'll have an idea as to why I endeavored to create this blog. It's not easy but an exciting challenge, especially since I get to share with you in the languages I love.

I first started studying Mandarin Chinese when I studied abroad in a port city called Xiamen in China. The air was clean and fresh, the ocean a few minutes’ walk away, the cafeteria food was delicious (as well as every food stall & restaurant), and I loved learning everything related to China and its culture.

I got to study Chinese and learn about the culture as well as international business related to China. My eyes were opened to a completely new way of life that still shared some similarities with my Japanese culture and made me feel like I fit in.

The entire reality that a girl like me, who was struggling as a sophomore in college paying my own way to get an education, getting to China was a miracle. I was so grateful to be chosen as a Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship recipient because if they hadn’t seen me as a worthy investment through an application and essay, I would have never started studying Chinese much less fall in love with the entire country.

For me, having the financial support to study abroad was the start of everything (which I will share more about in subsequent blog posts). This trilingual blog enables me to share with people in three different languages and as a result, reach a much broader audience. The love that was instilled in me for China through my study abroad experience is priceless.

I hope that this blog sparks your interest in learning one of these languages or encourages you to keep studying. Who knows, your "start" may lead you to a path full of language adventures, just like mine has. I can guarantee you it will not be a fruitless pursuit.

For those who are interested in the Benjamin B. Gilman Scholarship (limited to U.S. Citizens), click on this link:

There are many other opportunities out there as well, so never let anyone tell you something you hope for is impossible.





当時は大学2年生であり、自分の大学の学費を払うのに精いっぱいだった私のような普通の女の子が中国へ行けた現実全体が奇跡でした。私がBenjamin A. Gilman奨学金の受領者として選ばれたことにとても感謝しています。なぜなら、申請書と論文を通して私が価値のある投資になると考えてもらえていなければ、私は中国語の勉強、ましてや中国という国に惚れることも無かったでしょう。


このブログを通して、これらの三つの言語のひとつを学ぶことへの興味を持つきっかけ、もしくは、勉強し続けられるよう、あなたが励まされることを願っています。もしかしたら、あなたの 「スタート」が私のように言語の冒険に満ちた道へあなたを導くかもしれません。私はそれが無駄な追求ではないことを確信しています。







对于像我这样,在大学二年级,努力学习付自己的学费的女孩来说,到达中国就是一个奇迹。我很荣幸被选为Benjamin A. Gilman奖学金获得者。因为如果不是他们通过我的申请和论文看到我是有价值的投资,我将永远不会开始学习中文,更不会爱上中国。

对我来说,在经济上支持我留学是我一切的开始(我将在后续博客中分享更多内容)。这个三国语博客使我能够用三种不同语言与人分享,从而吸引更广泛的观众。通过我出国留学的经验,我对中国的爱心是无价之宝。 我希望这个博客能激发你学习这三种语言中,任何一种语言的兴趣,或者鼓励你继续学习。谁知道,你的“开始”可能就像我一样,会引导你走上语言冒险的道路。我可以向你保证,这不会是徒劳的追求。

对于那些对Benjamin A. Gilman奖学金感兴趣的人(仅限美国公民),请点击此链接:


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