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NONE of the links on A Halfie's Rambles are affiliate sites and I do not receive any compensation if you click on them. All links are put there for your benefit as the reader.

Please understand that all content posted is genuine and not meant in any way to offend or diminish anyone or group. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, however, if any comment is deemed inappropriate, I retain the right to take appropriate action.


These blog posts are originally written in either English, Japanese, or Chinese. They are then translated into the other two languages they weren’t written in. Please note that because of this, translation results are based on personal preference and not on any specific language level.


I do not include Romaji for Japanese or Pinyin for Chinese because I believe utilizing dictionaries, apps, and extension dictionaries on browsers (try Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary & rikaikun) is part of the learning process for understanding a language. I don’t believe in spoon-feeding language learners, but instead, writing interesting topics in order to spark the learning spirit within each soul.

*All images appearing on HalfiesRambles is taken by me or a guest writer. If you would like to use any of my images, please seek my permission first. 







私はあえて日本語にローマ字、中国語にピンインを振っていません。言語を真剣に学ぶ人には自分で辞書を引く、アプリを活用する、ブラウザの拡張辞書(Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionaryrikaikun)を使う等の手段を活用してもらい、興味が沸き、学びたい精神がくすぐられるような投稿を一生懸命シェアをします。

※HalfiesRamblesに掲載されているすべての画像は、私またはゲストライターが撮影したものです。 もし掲載された画像を使用したい場合は、まずお問い合わせ下さい。 







我没有用日语的罗马字母和中文的拼音的原因是因为我认为一个很认真的要学习语言的人需要学习到怎么自己利用词典,应用软件,和浏览器的翻译词典 (Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary & rikaikun)。我希望博客的内容会引起每个学习语言的人的兴趣,所以我承诺努力的分享有意思的投稿。


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