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ACU Japan Exchange Program・ACUの日本への交換留学制度・ACU日本交换留学制度

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Abilene Christian University Exchange Program to Japan

Since the International Exchange Office at ACU is "told not to promote" the exchange program between KSU (Kyushu Sangyo University) and ACU (Abilene Christian University), I am taking advantage of the First Amendment to share with you the reality because I actually mean it when I say, "I want to support students who want to study abroad in every way possible."

Long story short, the international exchange agreement that KSU and ACU signed has been a one-way exchange until I told them I wanted to go to Japan as the first exchange student from America. It was so non-existent that even now, some people still think I created the exchange program even though it was officially signed back on Dec. 11, 1996.

When I started on the endeavor to try and go to KSU to study as an exchange student, I was met with anything from "that agreement doesn't exist" to "you can't do that" to even a "you should just stop trying" (quoted directly from individuals who held positions of authority at ACU). As a twenty-year-old junior, I was heartbroken and cried many a times because the people in authority who I had trusted as the ones to help and encourage me told me they "didn't want to do their jobs".

It was sad to experience the reality of how people treat you when you try and cross red tape. But I was also encouraged by the 400+ signatures I collected from classmates and friends and finally got the Provost to take me seriously.

I talked and pleaded with everyone in authority (merely excluding the President) and finally, I was able to make my dream come true to study in Japan. I became the first Exchange Student from ACU to KSU. This feat will forever mark the top of the pages of my accomplishments in life and I am so very thankful to the many kind hearts who supported me in this endeavor.

If you are a current ACU student, please reach out to me if you are interested in studying in Japan. Or if you're thinking of attending ACU, know that they do actually have an exchange agreement with a university in Japan that you can utilize if you so desire.

Knowledge is so vital in our current world. Yet, it can also cause so much bitterness and complications. Throughout all of it, I choose to proudly promote what should be general knowledge to all, especially to students of Abilene Christian University.

Just because you’re merely nineteen or twenty, it doesn’t mean you’re any less intelligent than those in positions of authority. You have something they don’t have – knowledge and determination. I sincerely hope nothing ever stops you from making one of your dreams come true, no matter what that may be.

For your reference:


ACUの国際交流センターは、KSU(九州産業大学)とACU(アビリン・クリスチャン大学)間の交換留学制度を「宣伝しない」と言っているので、アメリカ 憲法修正第一条を基に私は現状況を共有し、「可能な限り、留学希望の学生をサポートしたい」と言う思いは本気だからこそ自分のストーリーを語ります。










由于 ACU的国际交流办公室“不鼓励推广”KSU (九州产业大学)ACU(艾伯林基督教大学)之间的交换留学的项目,所以我利用美国宪法第一修正案”中“言論自由“与你分享事实,因为我说“我想以各种可能的方式支持想出国留学的学生”时,我是认真的。





如果你现在是ACU的学生,而有兴趣在日本学习,请与我联系; 或者如果你打算上ACU学习,请知道他们确实与日本的大学有交换协议,如果愿意的话,你可以利用这个蛮好的机会。





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