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The Land of Cheese Fondue・チーズフォンデュの国・奶酪火锅之乡

Updated: May 18, 2023

@Zurich, Switzerland

My next stop after Frankfurt, Germany was Zurich, Switzerland.

Using my Eurail Pass, I hopped on a high-speed train for about 4 hours to find myself in the northern part of Switzerland. At that time, showing a Covid vaccination card was a requirement for entry, but since I was entering through a land border and not flying in, I did not have to show it.

The next morning, I participated in a free walking tour where you tip at the end. The average tip for any walking tour is around $10, so it a very affordable and fun way to see a city and I have always enjoyed finding them along my travel routes. The company I went with was called Free Walk Zurich and was very nice.

Downtown Zurich is filled with marvelous architecture. The Fraumünster Church is found in the center of the city surrounded by shops and eateries. Grossmünster (pictured: the church with two towers) is the oldest church that once burned down due to getting hit by lightning and is nicknamed “salt & pepper”.

You can drink any of the water around the city since it is pure, rich in minerals as well as very safe to drink. It was nice to be able to fill up my water bottle without having to buy bottles of water.

If you are going to Zurich, make sure to buy the 24hr tram pass for about $9, since it enables you to hop on and off trams without the worry of paying each time. It is also less stressful when you get on the wrong tram (which will most likely happen) because all you need to do is hop off and then hop on the correct one.

A cruise of Lake Zurich is a super awesome way of seeing the city. I did the Short Lake cruise and it was only about $4 for a roundtrip tour. The view of the snowcapped Alps I got to see while sipping on a hot chocolate was one of the most beautiful views during this 10-country trip of mine.

Be it an international trip or simply living your daily life, eating is a very important part of being human. It is not always the most entertaining to eat alone while traveling on a solo trip, but that is also what makes it special as well. I got to have a lovely cheese fondue dinner at Le Dézaley, a place that prides itself on having the best cheese fondue in town. I had some pickles and rosti (potato fritter) paired with the bread cubes.

This globetrotting trip was already off to a great start and at this point, I couldn’t believe I was making a solo trip like this across Europe.

Random thoughts:

No matter if you travel during warm or cold weather, don’t forget to pack a windbreaker as it can make a world of a difference in either climate.

If you do plan to travel to the EU after reading this, make sure you download the Reopen EU APP as it has details about each country related to COVID-19 as well as information from Embassies on there.

Next stop: Vienna, Austria




次の日の朝、私は最後にチップを渡す制度の無料ウォーキングツアーに参加しました。ウォーキングツアーの平均的なチップは10ドル程度なので、とても手頃で楽しい観光の方法だと思います。私が参加したのは、Free Walk Zurichという会社で、とても親切でした。





海外旅行であれ、日常生活であれ、食事は人間にとってとても大切なことです。一人旅の中、一人で食事をする事は、必ずしも楽しいことではありませんが、それがまた特別な事でもあります。私は、街で一番美味しいチーズフォンデュが食べられると自慢なLe Dézaleyで、素敵なチーズフォンデュディナーを頂くことができました。ピクルスとロスティ(ポテトフリッター)を角食パンと一緒に食べました。




これを読んでからEU加盟国へ旅行する予定がある方は、コロナの状況についてや各国の大使館からの情報が載っているので、Reopen EUのアプリを必ずダウンロードしておいてください。




第二天早上,我参加了一个免费的步行游览,在结束时给小费。任何步行团的平均小费都在10美元左右,所以这是一种非常实惠和有趣的参观城市的方式,我一直很喜欢在我的旅行路线上找到这种机会。我用的公司叫Free Walk Zurich非常好。

苏黎世市中心充满了令人惊叹的建筑。Fraumünster教堂位于城市中心,周围有很多商店和餐馆。Grossmünster(如图:有两个塔楼的教堂)是最古老的教堂,曾经因为被雷电击中而烧毁,被称为 "盐和胡椒"。




无论是国际旅行还是简单的日常生活,吃饭是人的一个非常重要的部分。在独自旅行时,一个人吃饭并不总是最有趣的,但这也是它的特殊之处。我在Le Dézaley吃了一顿可爱的奶酪火锅,这个地方以拥有全城最好的奶酪火锅而自豪。与面包块搭配我吃了一些泡菜和rosti(土豆饼)。




如果你在读完这篇文章后打算去欧盟旅行,请确保你下载Reopen EU APP,因为它有每个国家与COVID-19有关的细节,以及来自大使馆的信息。


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