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An American’s First Trip to Japan・とあるアメリカ人の初めての日本旅行・一个美国人的第一次日本之旅

Ever since high school, I have always wanted to take a trip to Japan. 13 years after I graduated, I finally gave myself an excuse with the Pokémon World Championships in Yokohama. With my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend graciously being a guide and translator, I was able to see a place I had been dreaming of going to for a long time.

For starters, the flight is long, so be prepared with forms of entertainment. I chose my Nintendo Switch, an iPad loaded with TV shows, and some books. But the flight did not inhibit my excitement of getting to see Japan!

After arriving and going through customs, I met with my girlfriend and we were off to the first wonder of Japan, public transportation. Those outside of the USA might find this confusing, but to someone who has to drive around everywhere in his day-to-day life, I was very happy to be able to walk and take the train or bus wherever I wanted to go. It was wonderful throughout the whole trip and I wish I could experience the same convenience at home.

The second wonder of Japan I experienced was the konbinis, or convenience stores. Unlike in the USA, there were many more options for food and snacks, they were very clean, and practically on every corner. If you needed something in a hurry, chances were good you could find it in a konbini. The amount of delicious drinks they stocked was eye-opening, there was always something different to try! My favorite things were the melon soda and egg sandos (sandwiches).

The third wonder of Japan I experienced was the onsens, or hot springs. These are public baths, and sometimes spas, where one can get in the hot water sans clothing and relax. It’s such a wonderful experience, especially if you can find a place with a great view! If you’re at a spa place, they’ll most likely have a restaurant and some other forms of entertainment like arcades or reading rooms. If you’re tired from walking around Japan all day, they’re a great place to soothe those sore muscles.

There were many great sights and experiences in Japan, but these day-to-day things are what I will remember and miss the most.









从高中开始,我就一直想去日本旅行。毕业 13 年后,我终于有借口参加了在横滨举行的宝可梦世界锦标赛。在我美丽的女朋友慷慨地充当导游和翻译的帮助下,我终于看到了我梦想已久的地方。

首先,飞行时间很长,所以要准备好各种娱乐方式。我选择了任天堂交换机、装满电视节目的 iPad 和一些书籍。但飞行并没有影响我去日本的兴奋心情!






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