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The Pearl of the Orient・東洋の真珠・东方明珠

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

@Manila, Phillipines

My next stop after Madrid, Spain was Manila, Philippines. I have had many friends who were from the Philippines, so I was thrilled to be able to plan this visit as the final destination during my 4 Country Trip. I was able to meet up with my sister and one of my bestest of friends, making it an adventure of a lifetime.

After calling Guam my home for a few years, visiting Manila felt almost like going back. Everything on menus were nostalgic and it was cool knowing what each dish was. If I hadn’t lived in Guam, which has a very strong Filipino population, then I would not have had this same reaction.

In terms of food, the following dishes are staples you got to try: pork humba (braised pork), adobo (stewed pork and vegetables in spices), sisig (crispy pork with eggs), and fried lumpia (spring rolls). We got to try different types of fried rice to pair with all of the delicious entrees we ordered.

Sago (mini tapioca balls) drinks are my favorite, so I was in heaven with all of the selections available. We enjoyed a mango grapefruit slushie as well as an ube (purple potato) flavored slushie with sago as the topping.

Since the Philippines is made of over 7000 islands, the ocean views are gorgeous and there are many beaches you can check out. The weather was clear when we visited, making the sunset views some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.

Closer to Makati area, there is a Japan Town as well as the Greenbelt Mall. As many skyscrapers also tower over the city, it makes for a great place to shop in the many malls intertwined within all the buildings. If you have time, definitely check out a rooftop bar and enjoy the view while sipping on a fancy cocktail.

All in all, my Manila trip ended with me enjoying a rejuvenating few days of adventures with great company. A few days later, I said goodbye to the land of delicious ube, halohalo (shaved ice dessert), coconuts, and fresh fruit.

Since the Philippines was the last country I visited on my 4 Country Trip, read about the other 3 countries I visited by clicking on each country!

Random thoughts:

Whenever I am traveling, I have found that packing some fabric softener or fabric spray is always a plus. It is always nice to use it to freshen up or whenever you need to handwash something.

Whenever you are taking out cash in a country, make sure you take a look at a few ATMs to see the different conversion rates available. Even ATMs right next to each other will have different rates; sometimes even a difference of 5 USD or more.

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次の目的地: カナダ、トロント




就食物而言,以下菜肴是你必须尝试的主食:pork humba(红烧肉)、阿多波(用香料炖猪肉和蔬菜)、sisig(香酥猪肉加鸡蛋)和炸春卷(lumpia)。我们尝试了不同味道的炒饭来搭配我们点的所有美味主菜。









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