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The Birthplace of Portugal・ポルトガル発祥の地・葡萄牙的诞生地

Updated: May 17, 2023

@Lisbon, Portugal

My next stop after Singapore was Lisbon, Portugal, a small coastal city sprinkled with pastel-colored buildings.

There were beautiful limestone mosaics adorning the ground as well as the building tiles. Anywhere I went, I felt that the tourists in Portugal were the friendliest and kindest people I’ve ever traveled around.

The first and foremost thing you want to do is grab a Pastel de nata (egg tart) & coffee for breakfast. The public transportation in Lisbon was very easy to navigate so hopping on the metro or train is very accessible.

I adventured out to the Pena Palace and Park in Sintra, a city located about an hour away by train. I recommend getting on the hop-on-hop-off bus which will save you a lot more than riding on a tuk-tuk or taxi. The Pena Palace is a magnificent castle atop a hill that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the little town of Sintra, you can find traditional Sintra pastries at Piriquitas (bakeries) and SAPA pastry shops. I recommend trying Travesseiros and Queijadas along with a cappuccino.

I had some Bacalhau/Bolinhos de Bacalhau (cod cake) and Francesinha for lunch, both favorites in Portugal. If you see Ginja cherry liqueur, it is so worth trying. It has a decadent yet perfect tart flavor, making you want to reach for that second glass.

Back in Lisbon, Time Out Market Lisbon is a huge food hall where you can find shops and food stalls representing some of the country’s top chefs. Tram 28 is a classic yellow tram retaining the original features from back in the day while still running as a tram within the city. If you keep walking towards Rossio Square, you will find the main downtown area with many shops and restaurants to visit.

Food-wise, you should try Bacalhau à Brás (cod, potatoes, egg), Bitoque (Portuguese-style steak with egg), and of course, a glass of Sangria.

On a sunny day, you can visit Lisbon Cathedral and the Castelo de S. Jorge since they are both in the same area. For the castle, you should purchase your tickets online to avoid any long lines.

Don’t forget to try Porco Preto (black Iberian pig) and Arroz Doce (Rice pudding) if you get the chance. If you are a wine-lover like I am, it will absolutely blow your mind how affordable the wine in supermarkets is, so try a few during your visit and bring a few bottles of your favorite home as souvenirs.

Random thoughts:

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance as it is always good to have it regardless of if you think you really will make use of it or not. I got one that covered me if I got sick with Covid-19 since it was a worry back when I traveled.

The best place to check about current COVID regulations for a certain country is to visit the embassy or consulate’s website and get your information from there. The information posted on each official website is always verified and you can visit other links they recommend as well.

Next stop: Madrid, Spain







昼食にはポルトガルで人気のBacalhau/Bolinhos de Bacalhau(タラのケーキ)とフランセジーニャを食べました。Ginjaのチェリーリキュールを見かけたら、試してみる価値があると思います。爽やかな香りが特徴で、絶妙な酸味があり、2杯目に手を伸ばしたくなります。


食べ物的には、Bacalhau à Brás(タラ、ポテト、卵)、Bitoque(ポルトガル風ステーキと卵)、そしてもちろん、サングリアがおすすめです。






次の目的地: スペイン、マドリード




你要做的第一件事就是拿一个Pastel de nata(蛋挞)和咖啡作为早餐。里斯本的公共交通非常方便,所以跳上地铁或火车是非常容易的。

我冒险去了辛特拉的佩纳宫和公园,这个城市离这里大约有一个小时的火车路程。我建议乘坐 "跳上跳下 "巴士,这将比乘坐嘟嘟车或出租车节省很多费用。佩纳宫是一座位于山顶的宏伟城堡,现在已被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产。


我在午餐时吃了Bacalhau/Bolinhos de Bacalhau(鳕鱼蛋糕)和Francesinha,它们都是在葡萄牙很有名的。如果你看到Ginja樱桃利口酒,它是非常值得一试的。它有一种颓废而完美的酸味,让你想去喝第二杯。

回到里斯本,Time Out Market Lisbon是一个巨大的食品大厅,在那里你可以找到代表该国一些顶级厨师的商店和食品摊位。28号电车是一辆经典的黄色电车,保留了过去的原始特征,同时仍作为城市内的电车运行。如果你继续向罗西奥广场(Rossio Square)走去,你会发现主要的市中心区域有许多商店和餐馆可以参观。

在饮食方面,你应该尝试Bacalhau à Brás(鳕鱼、土豆、鸡蛋)、Bitoque(葡式牛排加鸡蛋),当然还有一杯桑格利亚。


如果有机会,别忘了尝尝Porco Preto(伊比利亚黑猪)和Arroz Doce(米饭布丁)。如果你像我一样是个葡萄酒爱好者,那绝对会让你大吃一惊,超市里的葡萄酒是如此的实惠,所以在你访问期间,可以尝试一下,并带几瓶你喜欢的酒回家作为纪念品。






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