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Singapore, The Lion City・シンガポール、ライオン・シティ・新加坡,狮城

Updated: Apr 19, 2023


In order to meet my goal of traveling to thirty countries before I’m 30, I embarked on a 4 Country Trip. My first stop was the marvelous country of Singapore, nestled on the tip of the Malay peninsula.

If you plan on using public transportation while visiting, you can check out the types of tourist passes that work on buses, MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), and LRT (Light Rail Transit) trains.

At the airport, the MRT station starts at terminal 3, so if you land at a different terminal, you need to take the sky train to get to terminal 3, then hop onto the MRT. I opted to scan my credit card which gets me points on travel since you can use contactless cards on public transportation.

For breakfast, I 100% recommend eating Kaya (coconut jam) toast and coffee which cost around S$3.2 (~$2). Tong Ah Eating House was my favorite eatery where you can choose from steamed kaya toast, kaya French toast, and also get some delicious hot milk tea to go with it. Laksa is a great noodle dish to have for lunch and has a coconut broth base which is a tad bit spicy.

When going out to adventure, check out Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, the Supertree Grove, Haji Lane (known for its murals, hip shops, and boutiques) as well as the SkyPark Observation Deck. The latter is the only one that costs, but for the view, it is definitely worth making a reservation and seeing the skyline.

During the afternoons, little ice cream stands pop up where you can grab an ice cream sandwich for S$1.2 or S$1.7 made with your favorite flavor.

During the evening, we hopped on a Bumboat for a Singapore River Cruise which highlighted the Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, and Marina Bay.

There are cute coffee roasters located all over the diamond-shaped island for a quick bite and a fresh cup of coffee. For lunch, you can visit the Maxwell Food Centre, which is known for its Hainan chicken rice.

Singapore is also known for its Singapore Sling. You can visit the Long Bar and grab a glass for S$35 ($27) to taste the famous drink.

If you have a confirmed flight booking with Singapore Airlines and are departing from Singapore, you can check in between 48 hours to 40 minutes before your flight departs. This is a nice fact to note because you don’t want to miss The Jewel, the world's tallest indoor waterfall pouring right through the center of the nature-themed park. The creators literally took something that serves a simple purpose and made it something spectacular.

Overall, Singapore was a vibrant fusion of different cultures and a great opportunity to rekindle a lifelong friendship. It's a magical country that has a mix of anything from Japanese to Chinese to everything you might want to eat available on every corner. It was so nice to be able to communicate with most people in either English or Chinese depending on the situation.

Random thoughts:

Taxi Tips: When riding a local taxi, do not get in until you know they will use the meter as well as take credit cards. Also while riding, make sure the meter is actually working. Using a credit card with insurance on it enables you to claim it with your credit card company if or when a driver tries to rip you off. Your safety is not worth getting into an argument with a mad taxi driver who will do anything to get the money he wants from you.

If you plan to take a taxi, make sure you look up what the normal price is for a taxi from the airport to your hotel. You can always ask your hotel because they would know, too.

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朝食はS$3.2(~2ドル)くらいのカヤ(ココナッツジャム)トーストとコーヒーが100%おすすめです。Tong Ah Eating Houseは私のお気に入りのレストランで、蒸しカヤ・トースト、カヤ・フレンチトーストから選ぶことができ、おいしいホットミルクティーも一緒にいただくことができます。ラクサはランチにぴったりの麺料理で、ココナッツスープがベースになっており、少しスパイシーな味わいです。









タクシーの心得: 地元のタクシーに乗る時は、メーターが使えること、そしてクレジットカードが使えることが分わかるまで乗らないようにしましょう。また、乗車中にメーターが実際に動いていることを確認すること。保険付きのクレジットカードを使えば、運転手がぼったくろうとしたときに、カード会社に保険金を請求することができます。お金を得るためなら何でもする狂ったタクシー運転手と口論になる意味はありません。


次の目的地: ポルトガル、リスボン





早餐,我百分之百推荐吃Kaya(椰子酱)吐司和咖啡,价格约为3.2新元(约2美元)。Tong Ah Eating House是我最喜欢的食堂,在那里你可以选择蒸熟的Kaya吐司、Kaya法式吐司,还可以得到一些美味的热奶茶来搭配。叻沙是一道很好的午餐面条,有椰子汤底,有一点辣。

出去冒险时,可以去滨海湾海滨长廊、Supertree Grove、Haji Lane(以其壁画、时髦商店和精品店而闻名)以及空中花园观景台看看。后者是唯一一个需要付费的地方,但为了看风景,绝对值得预订,看一下天际线。




新加坡还以其新加坡司令而闻名。你可以去Long Bar,花35新元(27美元)买一杯,品尝一下这种著名的饮料。

如果你已经在新加坡航空公司预订了航班,并从新加坡出发,你可以在航班起飞前48小时到40分钟之间办理登机手续。这是一个值得注意的事实,因为你不想错过 "星耀樟宜",世界上最高的室内瀑布就在这个以自然为主题的公园的中心倾泻而下。创作者从字面上看,把一些作用简单的东西,变成了壮观的东西。





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