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The Country with Onion-domed Churches・オニオンドーム教会がある国・有洋葱头教堂的国家

Updated: May 18, 2023

@Sofia, Bulgaria

My next stop after Bucharest, Romania was Sofia, Bulgaria.

Seconds, minutes, and hours marched across the faces of the clocks as I hurried to board my train headed to my next country, Bulgaria. Everything can be quite confusing when all the signs and markings are in a different language. My default method for any country is to try and ask a kind-looking person for help if I need any.

However, after arriving in Bulgaria, I couldn’t figure out how to get on a bus for the life of me, so I decided to simply walk. It was later at night and there weren’t really any people walking around either and there were no taxis in sight. If you walk, call someone and have them on the phone while you share your real-time location with them.

I definitely recommend trying to arrive in any country while there is still daylight. “OK Supertrans” and “Yellow 333” are the names of taxi companies you should use if you ever find yourself in Sofia. If your hotel can help you book one, make sure you ask them to help you. This way, you can feel safe that you won't be getting ripped off.

At the time I visited in October of 2021, U.S. citizens traveling directly from the United States could not actually enter Bulgaria. But since I was arriving from Romania, which was designated as a “Green zone”, I was allowed to enter with no problem.

Even though Covid restrictions are getting less strict around the world, it is always important to not only check entry visa requirements but also the restrictions placed on the country you will be arriving from.

Bulgarian yogurt is a must-try while visiting. If you enjoy art, check out the National Gallery. The Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevski nearby is a gorgeous church that has become a symbol for not only Sofia, but for Bulgaria.

Random thoughts:

Know where the airport is that you need to get to and how long it takes to get there. Decide how you will get there (via public transportation or taxi) ahead of time to be able to plan with ample time.

When riding on an airplane or even taking a train, noise-canceling headphones are a lifesaver. Just remember to take them off when you don’t want to miss an announcement.

Next stop: Athens, Greece





どの国でも、日があるうちに到着する事が一番良いと考えます。もしソフィアに行くことがあれば、"OK Supertrans "と "Yellow 333 "が利用すべきタクシー会社の名前です。もし、ホテルで予約できるのであれば、必ず事前予約をするように頼んで下さい。そうすれば、ぼったくられる心配は無いはずです。







次の目的地: アテネ、ギリシャ





我绝对建议尽量在还有日光的时候到达任何国家。如果你发现自己在索非亚,"OK Supertrans" 和 "Yellow 333 "是你应该使用的出租车公司名称。如果你的酒店可以帮助你预订,请确保你让他们帮助你。这样,你就可以放心,不会被欺诈了。

在我2021年10月访问时,从美国直接旅行的美国公民实际上不能进入保加利亚,但由于我是从罗马尼亚抵达的,那里被指定为 "绿区",我被允许进入,没有问题。






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