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The Paris of the East・東洋のパリ・东方的巴黎

Updated: May 18, 2023

@Bucharest, Romania

My next stop after Budapest, Hungary was Bucharest, Romania.

Right before my overnight sleeper train pulled into my next stop at Bucharest, Romania, a police officer came by asking for passports as well as covid vaccination proof. Since entry into Romania signaled my exit from the Schengen area, there was a simple entry process that the countries I had visited before did not require.

Since my passport has amassed many stamps over the years, the police officer had to flip through my passport trying to find an empty space to stamp my entry stamp. (My passport is due to be renewed this year). Being asked the normal, "why are you coming here?" felt a little weird as I was seemingly the only tourist on the entire train.

It was the shortest country visit I have done since it only lasted about 4 hours in total. I was only making a transfer at the North Railway Station before heading to my next destination but had some time to look around and visit a coffee shop.

During my trip so far, trains had always been departing on time. Sometimes they arrived late, but I was quite impressed at the fact that everything has been punctual.

When leaving Romania via the next train, the police officer took all the foreigner's IDs. Mine was the only passport. I had never had it taken away, out of my sight, so that was a little nerve-racking as I didn’t speak Romanian.

However, contrary to my silly fears, the police officer came back and said, "Ann, have a nice trip, bye." He had only gone to stamp my passport in the office across the railway tracks.

Next trip here, I would love to visit all the castles nestled in the beautiful Romanian countryside.

Random thoughts:

Always take sunscreen with you. You never know when a certain country you visit will have super strong sun rays.

There will always be that one drunk creepy man or someone who just gives you bad vibes; it's not because it's a foreign country. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and do not interact with anyone you don’t feel comfortable with.

Next stop: Sofia, Bulgaria








しかし、私の心配とは裏腹に、警察官は戻ってきて、"アン、いい旅を、さようなら "と言ってくれた。彼は、線路の向こう側の事務所で私のパスポートにスタンプを押して来ただけでした。





次の目的地: ソフィア、ブルガリア




由于我的护照多年来积累了许多印章,警察不得不翻开我的护照,试图找到一个空位来盖我的入境章。(我的护照今年就该更新了)。被问到 "你为什么要来这里?"这种普通的问题感觉有点奇怪,因为我似乎是整列火车上唯一的游客。




然而,与我愚蠢的担心相反,警察回来后说:"安,祝你旅途愉快,再见。" 他只是要在铁轨对面的办公室给我的护照盖章。






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