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Please Stop Calling Me a “Model Minority”・私を「モデル・マイノリティ」と呼ぶのは止めてください・请别再叫我“模范少数族裔”了

Updated: May 16

I may not have very dark skin, but unfortunately this fact has not kept anyone from discriminating against me or being racist. Asians have always been receiving hatred throughout history; the outbreak of COVID-19 simply gave people an excuse to openly conduct their racist ideology.

Some people keep telling me that since I'm a “Model Minority”, then my life must be better than darker colored people because at least people think I can accomplish things in life. At least people think good things when they see me and don't point a gun at my head, so my life must be so much better. 

Yet, “you're smart because you're Asian” has never been so far from the truth, I just never had the courage to deny it because I was smart -- I fit the stereotype so perfectly. But I only later realized that the reason my GPA was way over 4.3 was not because I genetically inherited a genius gene, but because I worked super hard and studied like crazy. 

It was never supposed to be a comparison. 

Lives are worth so much more. 

What a lot of people don't see is racism in expectations to act better, be better, and get better jobs because I'm half Asian. Except people don’t see the white half of me, just the Asian half, and decide my life should emulate the race I physically resemble more closely.

I'm supposed to play an instrument and it definitely has to be the piano or the violin. How dare I make a B on anything as it would offend my ancestors and bring shame to my entire family.

It's the stress and pressure to be someone I'm not, to be a “model” to others when I never wanted to be one. Verbal abuse and microaggressions can tear so many down and put them on the brink of taking their own lives. It's the praise that never comes because being smart is already expected and you must not deter from the path of “smart.” 

No one sees the white half of me who's supposed to be “stupid” and not as smart as an Asian. I never got the benefit of the doubt of being blonde because my Japanese genes manifest stronger in my appearance. I still don't fit in with the other white people because I'm looked at as simply being an “Asian.”

Life isn't supposed to be a competition in this way.

Why are we comparing lives as if one is more valuable than the other based on how dark one's skin is? 

Why is one a “model” and another not?

We should be standing in other's shoes and working towards seeing other views that may not be the same as our own.

But yet…here we stand, divided more than ever over trivial facts that aren't the whole picture of a certain race.

Your skin color shouldn't matter. 

I hope to strive for a world that fosters an environment where people can share thoughts together, despite differences in social status, religion, orientation, or the color of your skin -- where a “how are you?” really truly means, “We see you. We want to get to know you. We care.”

You can dress up as anything for Halloween, despite your skin color. 

So don’t take away the chance for me to dress up as Alice in Wonderland because I don’t look as white as you.

Despite all this, I have a dream for a community: one where people don't judge each other based on their looks, but by the smile they exude.

When was the last time you judged someone based on the color of their skin?

Will you choose to see someone’s smile and not their skin color?










そして、アジア人ほど賢くなく、「バカ」であるはずの私の白人の半分を、誰も見ていない。日本人の遺伝子が私の外見に強く現れているからです。未だに他の白人の人達に余り馴染めない。なぜなら、私は単に 「アジア人 」として見られているからだ。



なぜある人は 「模範」で、別の人は「模範」ではないのか?












有些人一直对我说,既然我是 “模范少数族裔”,那么我的生活一定比深色人种要好,因为至少人们认为我能在生活中有所成就。至少人们看到我时都会往好的方面想,不会用枪指着我的头,所以我的生活一定好得多。

然而,“你很聪明,因为你是亚洲人” 这句话远离过事实,只是我从来没有勇气否认,因为我很聪明--我完全符合人们的刻板印象。但我后来才明白,我的 GPA 远远超过 4.3,并不是因为我遗传了天才基因,而是因为我超级努力,疯狂学习。





压力让我必须成为一个不是我的人,成为别人的 “榜样”,而我从未想过要成为这样的人。辱骂和微词会让很多人崩溃,让他们濒临自杀的边缘。这是永远不会出现的赞美,因为聪明已经是众望所归,你绝不能偏离 “聪明”的道路。

没有人会看到应该是 “愚蠢”,而没有亚洲人聪明的我一半的白人部分。我从来没有得到过金发碧眼的好处,因为我的日本基因在我的外表上表现得更强烈。我仍然无法融入其他白人的圈子,因为我在别人眼里只是一个 “亚洲人”。



为什么一个是 “模范” 而另一个不是?




我希望努力创造这样一个世界:在这样一个环境中,人们可以一起分享思想,尽管社会地位、宗教、取向或肤色不同--在这里,一句 “你好吗?” 真正意味着 “我们看到你了。我们想了解你。我们关心你。”






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I agree! Stereotypes can be really harmful even if they are “positive” traits. The pressure that’s felt, whether telling people they’re good or bad, just because of their genes isn’t fair and can make it hard for people to become the best versions of themselves on their own. I do hope for a world where race or ethnicity is not a factor in how people are treated or “expected to act.”

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Ann K.
Ann K.
(16. 5.)
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I hope so, too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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