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6 Things You Need for Your Next Airplane Ride・次飛行機に乗る時に必要な 6 つの物・下次坐飞机时需要的6件东西

Updated: May 18, 2023

#1. A digital watch

Figuring out the local current time is actually harder than you'd think. The best thing to do is to set your watch based on the airplane screen info or ask a flight attendant. Don't rely on satellite updates as this is different in every country.

Your phone will not always adjust to the local time unless it connects to Wi-Fi or can use data in that certain country. Even then, it doesn’t always update quickly. You should never rely on a phone that is reliant on satellites.

#2. Lotion/moisturizing mask

Airplanes are notorious for being very dry. Using the lotion in the airplane bathroom is just meh, so why not take your favorite scent with you?

If you're a traveler from Japan or can buy this product, I highly recommend buying a Nodonuru mask (moisturizing mask) for your trip. It definitely helps your throat not get as dried out. (*this is my honest suggestion and not a sponsored post, so click away and order one for your next trip!) You can also sometimes find them at Japanese grocery stores if there is one near you.

#3. Battery pack & charging chords/plug

Making sure your phone has enough power is vital when traveling. If you have a battery pack, then take it with you. If you don't, they buy one before your trip. You obviously need a charging chord but adding a plug adaptor is always just a safe bet.

I have never had any issues in terms of voltage, but each country does have a specific type of plug for its sockets, so don’t forget to look it up before you hop on your plane.

#4. Your own headphones

The airplane in-ear headphones that are handed out are never comfortable and have terrible acoustics. If you're a frequent traveler, I recommend investing in a decent pair of headphones to take with you. I promise it'll make your screen time 100x better.

My go-to is one that has Bluetooth capability, so you don’t have to deal with any cords. Then pair it with a Bluetooth transmitter like an AirFly.

#5. Snacks

I don't know about you, but I always get hungry. Buying some of your favorite snacks and stuffing them in your backpack/bag gives you something to look forward to, especially if you're embarking on a long flight.

A refillable water bottle is not only environmentally friendly, but it also helps if you travel on a budget. You can refill your empty water bottle after passing through security at one of the many water fountains in the airport.

#6. Slippers or fuzzy socks

They make your feet happy and are warm inside an often-cold airplane. Just remember to bring a small bag with you to throw them in at the end of your flight.


#1. デジタル時計


携帯電話は、Wi-Fiに接続するか、その国のデータを使用できない限り、現地の時間に合わせることはできません。その場合でも、常に迅速に更新されるとは限らないので、 人工衛星に頼りにする携帯電話はをいつも当てにしないで下さい。

#2. 化粧水・保湿マスク


日本からの旅行者、または購入できる方は、是非「のどぬーるマスク(保湿マスク)」を買っていくことをおすすめします。喉が乾燥しにくくなるので、愛用しています。(*これは私の正直な提案であり、スポンサーの投稿ではありません。) また、海外にいる方はお近くに日本食料品店があれば、そこで手に入ることもあります。

#3. バッテリーパック&充電コード/プラグ



#4. 自分専用のヘッドフォン



#5. スナック



#6. スリッパやモコモコ靴下



#1. 一块数字手表



#2. 乳液/保湿面膜


如果你是来自日本的旅行者或能买到这种产品,我强烈建议你购买Nodonuru润喉口罩为旅行用。它绝对能帮助你的喉咙不那么干燥。(*这是我的真实建议,不是联盟文章,所以请点击,为你的下一次旅行订购一个!) 如果你附近有日本的杂货店,你有时也可以在那里找到它们。

#3. 充电宝和充电线/插头



#4. 你自己的耳机



#5. 零食



#6. 拖鞋或毛茸茸的袜子



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