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What I’ve Learned from Traveling Alone・一人旅で学んだこと・一个人旅行时学习到的东西

Updated: May 18, 2023

@Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It was a bit nerve-racking, even for someone like me who had traveled to and from Japan and America my whole life. I waved goodbye to my family who came to the airport to see me off, this time leaving them behind. I had no one to lead the way or to tell me what I was supposed to do. I was nineteen years old and the weight of the reality that I was going to travel alone to Hong Kong, in order to meet up with the rest of my study abroad team before heading into China finally set in.

A few years later, I found myself living and working in China and traveling to the neighboring provinces and countries. Traveling for me is an eye-opening experience where you will inevitably have a few bad experiences, but just like many other things, you can continue learning.

Life is wonderfully challenging and so exciting. Traveling enables you to meet people and become friends with those you never thought you’d cross paths with otherwise. For me, traveling will always be an investment worth it both for my sanity and adventurous spirit.

What does traveling mean to you?












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