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Some Reasons Why I Love Japan・日本が大好きないくつかの理由・我喜欢日本的一些理由

Updated: Feb 26

@Shimane, Japan

Despite some of Japan’s flaws, I absolutely cannot live without Japan being a huge part of who I am. Here are a few reasons that make me so very proud to be Japanese.

1.) Heated toilet seats: I know, I know, it sounds a bit weird, but I promise, once you have used one on a very cold day, you’ll agree with me too.

2.) Everything is cute: Japan has many cute mascots and designs for everything. They even have cute graphics on TV which help those from any age understand a simple subject such as the weather or news.

3.) People are kind and respectful: I understand how politeness is in the eye of the beholder, however, in general, Japanese people respect each other, not because of religious reasons, but simply because they’ve been taught it is kind. This has resulted in Japan being one of the safest countries as well as the country that possesses the strongest passport in the world. The Japanese people have obviously earned the respect of those from abroad as well.

4.) Fresh fish: being made up of many islands, Japan has an abundance of fresh fish delivered straight to restaurants as well as grocery stores. At grocery stores, they care about freshness so much that it is customary in the evening to mark down prices of fresh fish-related products made that morning.

5.) Lost items: Japanese people’s first thought when they see someone’s lost belonging isn’t, “Found something free for me!” Instead, it is, “How can I get this back to whom it belongs?” They have the most sincere and selfless hearts. I have always gotten back everything I have lost, but only ever in Japan – not any other country. So far, it’s still a running record.

What are some things you love about Japan?




2. )すべての物がかわいい:日本にはたくさんのかわいいマスコットとデザインがあります。テレビ番組にはかわいいグラフィックが使用され、あらゆる年代の人が天気やニュースなどを簡単に理解するのに役立ちます。



5.)忘れ物・落とし物:日本人が落とし物を目にした時の最初の思いは、「無料のものを見つけた!」ではなく、代わりに、「どうすればこれを持ち主に返すことができるか?」です。 彼らはとても誠実で無私な心を持っています。 今まで私が無くした物はすべて戻ってきましたが、これは日本だけの事であり、他の国では同じ経験はありません。








5.)遗失物品:日本人看到某人丢失的东西时的第一个念头不是 “我得到了免费的东西!” 而是,“我如何才能将其归还给失主?” 他们拥有最真诚和无私的心。 我总是能找回自己丢失的东西,但只有在日本。在别的任何国家有时找不回丢的东西。到目前为止,这个记录没被打破。