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Why I Don’t Like Japan Sometimes・日本が時々嫌いと感じる理由・我偶尔不喜欢日本的原因

Updated: May 18, 2023

@Nara, Japan

Japan is a beautiful country that I love from the bottom of my heart, so please don’t take this following rant to heart. I feel a lot of people tend to avoid this topic; however, I believe it’s important to recognize the flaws of a country you’re from in order to adapt appropriately. Here are my recent thoughts on some flaws of Japan.

1.) Since Japan is a country that puts a huge emphasis on collective work, it’s almost unavoidable to feel like you have been put inside of this invisible box and are expected to act like everyone else, unable to express individuality.

2.) There are many rules which are implied in Japan. Even some Japanese don’t know about them because there’s no book that exists to teach them. You simply must live and learn. Yet the moment you don’t act as a Japanese person would, you may feel ostracized.

3.) Japanese customer service is ranked as one of the highest quality in the world, but day to day interactions, especially with workers who are in their 20s who have the rudest attitudes and can't use Keigo (polite Japanese) make you question if customer service even exists in Japan.

Every country/culture has its flaws. What flaws do you see in your country?









1.)由于日本是一个非常重视团队精神的国家,因此几乎不可避免地会觉得自己已经被放在一个无形的盒子里 ,被期望表现得像其他所有人一样,不能表达个性。





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