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On Being Alien・宇宙人だと感じる時・感觉我是外星人的时候

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

@Oxford, U.K.

"Does <insert country> have McDonald's?"

"Wow! You're from Japan! I love Japan. So how well do you speak Chinese?"

It's always the well-meaning people who ask such funny questions.

"So where are you really from?"

Here are some questions I’ve thought about asking back: do you mean where was I born? where my passport says I’m from? where I went to school? where I keep most of my belongings? where I go visit most frequently? what country I make the most video calls to?

You'd think that now with our world being so global and connected in more ways than ever before, that the knowledge about the world would have improved. But times when I'm asked these kinds of questions, I realize that we have a very long way to go to educate ourselves and our children about the world.















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