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Being a Halfie and the Idea of “Group Identity”・ハーフとしての「グループ・アイデンティティ」に対する考え・作为混血儿与“群体身份”的理念

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I’m half-Chinese, half-white. Where I grew up in Texas, it wasn’t like I was going to find a large group of people “like me” very easily. But for a long time, it wasn’t something I really noticed. My ethnic identity is not something emphasized at home. And among my diverse group of friends, it just felt like: we’re all Americans, so what’s the difference?

College is when I first really started to feel people “stuck to their kind”. And I was fine hanging out in those groups, because even if I “stuck out”, it’s not like I had ever “blended in”. Learning about different cultures is interesting, and I’m glad to know more about things that matter to other people. However, there were definitely times I felt this inherent sense of “being left out”.

There is a loneliness that comes when the rest of the people in your group have a shared identity. They might get a kind of “thrill” when they meet you, someone obviously different. But once the novelty wears off, most settle into the comfortable patterns of interacting with “their people”. When individuals within that group are truly open to getting to know “you”, those relationships can be really wonderful. But groups are often tough.

However, I do understand the other side. I’ve been living in Japan for a few years, and I sometimes find myself first gravitating towards other fluent English speakers, and then to other Westerners. Because you want to be able to talk to people who just... “know” what you’re talking about. And you want to be able to relax.

But it’s not good to always relax. As human beings, we need balance. While I can’t know others’ lives with my limited perspective, I do worry about people staying in their comfort zone. And with globalization, it’s going to become more and more important that we do know how to interact with people very different from ourselves. It may be difficult, but I know from personal experience that it’s worth it. 






しかし、いつも楽にするのは良くありません。人間としてバランスが必要です。 私の限られた視点からだと、他人の経験は分からないが、ただ自分の快適な空間にだけとどまる人については心配します。グローバル化に伴い、自分とは全く違う、色々な人々に接する事が必要となる。 難しいかもしれないけど、自分の経験から見れば、すごく価値があると確信しています。




当小组中的其他人具有相同的身份时,就会感觉到孤独。当他们遇到你时,他们可能会有一种 “兴奋”,见到了一个明显不同的人。但是一旦新鲜感消失,大多数人就会停留在与“他们的人”互动的舒适模式。当该群体中的个人真正愿意了解“你”时,这些关系会非常美妙。但团体往往很艰难。




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