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The Struggles of Being a Halfie ・ハーフの葛藤・一位混血的困扰

Updated: May 18, 2023

@Kyoto, Japan

As a halfie, I often find myself between two worlds, now sometime in between three. I somehow am never truly considered the race I hope to be in the country I'm in. I'm Chinese in America, but American in Japan, yet I'm Uygur (from Xinjiang Autonomous Region) in China, and for some reason, never thought to be Japanese.

However, I have been learning throughout my life that I need to start to "admire the struggles it takes to simply be considered a human". There have been many times where I've wondered if I'm actually an alien. Or should seriously just start building my own country with my two bare hands in the middle of Hawaii and Japan. Yet I've found there's beauty in the bitterness and embarrassment of standing out.

I believe those who are similar to me can relate. I want to tell you; you offer such value to this ever-changing world. There's so much we know that others don't even have a taste of; we've seen parts of the world others simply dream of; we can speak languages others can't even pronounce; we have experienced awkwardness others are so mundane to even get the chance to be in, and we are able to relate to others on so many levels because we didn't grow up within the box of one culture.

Since I'm saying all of this, I would love to say, "I've overcome my insecurities of being a halfie/TCK/multicultural human etc." but then that would be a lie. I believe it will always be a lifelong struggle, however, there's always a good attitude to be upheld in all hardships. There are always same-minded friends to go seek out.

As said in Grey's Anatomy, "At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing, is reason enough to celebrate". Maybe right now, the whole picture isn't clear, but being a mixed, slightly confused representative of a couple countries, sprinkled with a truly wonderful sense of picturing the world...For me, that is something you should be beyond proud to have been blessed with.





こんなに自信有り気に話しているので、「私はハーフ/ TCK /多文化共生の人間などであることの不安を克服しました」と言いたいのですが、そう宣言してしまうと、嘘にしかならないのが現実です。私はこれからも他人に勘違いされたり、常に生涯にわたる闘争になると思います。しかし、すべての困難の中で良い態度を保つ事は大切であり、同じような考えを持った人を探し出し、友人となっていける人間は一杯います。






既然我说了这些,我很乐意说,“我已经克服了作为一个混血/ TCK /多元文化人等的不安全感。”但那将是一个谎言。我相信这将是一场终身困扰,然而,在所有艰难困苦中始终保持着良好的态度。总有志同道合的朋友可以去寻找。



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