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  • Ann K.

The Joy of Living・生きる喜び・活着的快乐

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

In French, it is, “Joie de vivre” and people all over the world have tried to define what happiness is and how it connects with a joyful, fulfilled life. Book stores line their shelves with motivational books trying to give us all a glimpse of how to live our lives with joy and happiness.

Sadly, I would be lying if I said I have never thought about not continuing my life and I think many of you, being vulnerably honest, might say something similar.

This world is filled with people who drive you crazy, events that break your heart, memories that sometimes haunt you, experiences that you wish you had never had, and hurtful words that you can never forget. 

For me, however, when asked “If you could go back in time and re-do a period in your life, when would it be?”, I would say, “I don’t need to.” Because the way I see it, every single event, both good and bad, is what makes me who I am today. Being able to overcome adversity has made me stronger and having the chance to encounter beautiful humanity has touched my heart in ways that have shaped my future aspirations. 

Within this wonderfully messed up and adventure-filled blessing that is life – how do you want to live it?

You don’t live a joyful life because you read a book that told you how to do so, you find a way to see joy within hardships and despair and make the most of life. Life isn’t worth pouring every moment of your time and every ounce of your being into others’ expectations.

Who is to say life can’t be work and play?

Do what makes you feel alive.

Do what makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

Do what puts a smile on your face.

What about enjoying the unexpected, being open to serendipity, embracing some risk, and finding joy in the vividness of life? 

Don't let anyone tell you where or how to find joy. Look for it yourself and if you haven't found it yet, keep on with your search – I promise it's out there.

As Mary Oliver wrote:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”













喜びをどこで、どのように見つけるか、誰にも教えてもらってはいけません。自分で探し、まだ見つかっていないのなら、探し続けてください ―― 必ずそこにあります。




法语是 "Joie de vivre",世界各地的人都试图定义什么是幸福,以及它如何与快乐、充实的生活联系起来。书店的书架上摆满了励志书籍,试图让我们大家看到如何在生活中享受快乐和幸福。



然而,对我来说,当被问及 "如果你能回到过去,重新度过你生命中的一段时光,那会是什么时候?",我会说,"我不需要"。因为在我看来,每一件事,无论是好还是坏,都让我成为了今天的我。能够克服逆境使我变得更加强大,有机会遇到美丽的人性使我的心受到触动,这些塑造了我未来的愿望。








不要让任何人告诉你在哪里或如何找到快乐。自己去寻找,如果你还没有找到,继续寻找 — 我保证它就在那里。

正如玛丽·奥利弗(Mary Oliver)写道:


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