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How You Can Shape Your Culture・自分の文化を形作る方法・你如何塑造自己的文化

Updated: May 18, 2023

@Hong Kong, SAR

During university, once people knew my twin did not attend the same college, they would ask, “Why isn’t she studying here, too?” Comments I have encountered being a twin have been amazing as well as plain depressing and recently, I have realized how much similarity it has with my identity being a ‘halfie’. I suppose one could even state that I have had a double identity crisis in my lifetime. I have had to navigate who I am as a twin as well as a mixed-race human being.

Even though my twin and I share the same DNA, we have our own personalities, likes, and interests. Unlike a teacher in high school who, when I pointed out she mistakenly gave me back my sister’s assignment said, “It doesn’t matter, you’re the same anyway.” I beg to differ. No, we are not the same anyways. Just like I am not the same as someone who is also half Japanese and American.

Our cultures shape us, but we also shape our cultures. We shape our own spaces and design our own memories based on the experiences we have. We also have the choice to make the most of the experiences we go through in life.

This is why I believe it is vital to have an open mind regarding preconceived thoughts about identity or simply reach out to befriend someone who is nothing like you. Maybe these acts will change your life and culture for the better.

So, go embrace your culture but don’t forget to embrace other identities and cultures all the while.








在大学期间,一旦人们知道我的双胞胎姐姐没有在上同一所大学,他们就会问:"她为什么没在这里学习?" 我曾经因为和姐姐是双胞胎遇到的评论令人开心,也令人沮丧,最近我意识到我的身份与"混血儿"非常相似。我觉得甚至可以说我一生中曾经历过双重身份危机。作为其中一个双胞胎和混血儿,我不得不弄明白自己是谁。

虽然我和双胞胎姐姐有相同的DNA,但是我们有自己的个性,喜好和兴趣。不像一个高中老师那样,当我指出她错误地把姐姐的作业还给我时,她说:"没关系,你们是一样的。" 我不敢苟同。不,我们是不一样的。就像我和其他日本和美国的混血也不一样。

我们的文化塑造了我们,但我们也塑造了我们的文化。 我们根据自己的经验塑造自己的空间并设计自己的回忆。 我们还可以选择充分利用我们的经历。

这就是为什么我认为,对有关身份的先入之见保持开明的态度,或者简单地与不像你的人成为朋友是至关重要的。 也许这些行为会让你的生活和文化变得更好。



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