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How I Learn a Language・私が言語を学ぶ方法・我学习语言的方式

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Ever since high school, when trying to remember some facts for a test or study for a quiz, I noticed I had a very interesting way of putting those facts into my head.

If a word or phrase sounded like something specific, I would connect those two concepts together in order to help me visualize both and as a result, leave an impression in my brain.

So for example, I may have remembered, the year “1515” as “ichigo ichigo.” It is literally the phonetic sound of the numbers in Japanese, and then I connected it to the fact that it also sounds like “strawberry” in Japanese. Finally, I connected the word strawberry with whatever concept I needed to remember; maybe with a person’s name or event that happened on that year. This helped me so much and has continued to help me in my adult life, especially when learning a new language.

Since this is my experience, I completely recommend it to anyone to at least try once.

Why not try connecting some fun and exciting concept based on its phonetic sound to another concept you need to remember or study and see how it works for you?










因此,例如,我可能记得,“1515” 作为“ichigo ichigo”,它实际上采用了用日语读数字的方式的语音,然后将这些声音连接成日语中的“草莓”。然后我将“草莓”这个词与我需要记住的任何概念连起来; 也许是那一年发生的人名或事件。这对我帮助很大,并且在我的成年生活中继续帮助我,特别是在学习新语言的时候。




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