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Crossing Borders・国境を超えること・跨越边界

Updated: May 18, 2023

@San Francisco, U.S.A.

In all the years since I've traveled across borders – a good number countries, cities and cultures have graced the pages of my passport and the chambers of my heart. Many kids like me grow up in between cultures and end up feeling completely and totally misunderstood. Sometimes, no matter if I'm in the countries (America & Japan) I've grown up in, I still feel this way. You want to feel in control when life shifts continents.

"There's a book written about me, it's called my passport." This quote has always stood out to me, because I can relate to it so much.

I have begun to slowly realize that my ‘home’ and where I belong isn’t defined by the borders of a country or the viewpoints of another person.

Some people can relate when I say I've spent my whole life as if I’m a cultural chameleon; I’ve ended up not knowing what color I was when I started, what color I am now, and what it would feel like to not have to change colors each time I’m in a different country, city, or culture.

I've learned that a nation is not the sum of its stereotypes and nor are its people.



「私について書かれている本があるんだ、それは私のパスポート。」 この言葉に私は本当に共感ができます。






“有一本写满了关于我的书,它就是我的护照。” 这句话对我来说一直很有意义,因为我很能理解。




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