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A Little White Elephant ・小さな白い象・小小的白象

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

9-12-2010 An essay written during my senior year of high school; honors English class.

Once upon a time, in a place infinitely far away called Rainbow Land, lived a baby white elephant. She was the cutest and most adorable elephant one had ever seen. On her bright red cheeks were spots of freckles and she always wore a red ribbon on the top of her big round head. Everyone called her Marshmallow because she was as white as snow, and still had fur covering her tiny little body. One could have said that Marshmallow was the happiest elephant in the village. No matter where she went, she was surrounded by loving and caring friends.

Marshmallow had two best friends whom she trusted with all of her heart. Their names were Ariel and Nala. They could talk to each other about anything and had made a promise that they would be friends forever no matter what challenges came their way. They had even made a pact under the oak tree in the middle of the village and carved their names into the tree trunk to commemorate the occasion.

Inevitably, something was about to change the course of her peaceful and happy life. It was as if a big storm was forming over her head without her having any clue about it. The clouds started to become darker and darker until they finally began to cry rain. Her life that once had the sun shining through every crack was now filled with darkness. What Marshmallow found out was that her “best friends” were not actually who she thought and believed they were. She had been deceived into thinking that she could rely on and put her trust in them, when the only reason they were her friends was to become more popular. Now that Ariel and Nala had gained popularity, they no longer needed Marshmallow as a friend.

The two elephants came up to Marshmallow and said, “We are not your friend anymore, so you need to stay away from us.” Marshmallow replied, her voice full of disappointment, “But why are you both doing this? I trusted both of you and never thought this would happen.” The words that were said to her that day carved a deep cut in her heart that would be almost impossible to mend. Her heart was shattered to a million pieces because of this, and she began to sob. She became so lost about what to do and started to get depressed.

The next few weeks were even more agonizing for Marshmallow because every time she would see her former “best friends”, they would completely ignore her like she did not exist in their world anymore. She felt like an outsider with no belonging in the village she previously called home. Her life was no longer filled with joy but with sadness and betrayal. It felt like the whole world was staring at her because she no longer fit in with everyone else. She was like a stranger going around to every house trying to find a place that she would feel comfortable in. But there was nowhere to be found because Ariel and Nara had spread rumors about how horrible a friend Marshmallow was, so nobody wanted to talk to her or include her in their gatherings.

So, Marshmallow decided to leave the village and take a journey to find a new, true friend. Before the break of dawn, she crawled out of her comfortable bed, packed a backpack with a few things she thought she would need, and departed from the village. Now there was no looking back. By going on this journey, she was putting the past events behind her and starting her life refreshed. It felt good to leave her “fake” friends and to begin to look for a new one.

When night came, Marshmallow was so exhausted from walking that she felt like she could sleep for a year. She built a fire, ate dinner, and put her sleeping bag on the ground. The moon was out, and she could see the beautiful twinkling stars in the big blue atmosphere. Right when she was about to close her eyes and go to sleep, a shooting star flashed across the sky. Immediately, she made a wish that she would soon find a true friend that would not betray her. Even though Marshmallow did not believe in making wishes to a shooting star, she had a good feeling about the wish she just made because it seemed like someone was listening to her wish.

After two days of traveling, Marshmallow finally arrived at the neighboring village. She found a new house and began to settle in. The elephants in this village were very friendly and kind to her. There was something special and different about this village compared to the village she had come from. No one was nosey enough to ask Marshmallow why she had suddenly come but welcomed her with open arms.

The following morning Marshmallow decided to take a walk around the village, not knowing that she would end up making the most wonderful encounter in her life. In a distance afar off, she could see a baby brown elephant coming her way, so she decided to start a conversation. Marshmallow cleared her throat and said, “Good morning, what is your name?” The baby brown elephant answered, “My name is Gabriella. It’s nice to meet you.” The two elephants instantly felt a connection with each other, both not knowing why. This is something called fate. It is something we do not have control over and that which is inevitably predetermined.

There was now a new light in Marshmallow’s eyes that replaced the gloomy, sad look she used to embody. Once again, there was happiness and joy in her life that her new friend Gabriella brought. If it was not for Gabriella, Marshmallow did not know what she would have done or where she would have ended up going. She was never once more thankful than she was at that moment.

Through spending weeks together and hanging out, Marshmallow and Gabrila became inseparable. You would never see one of them without the other standing right by smiling and laughing about something. They brought contentment into each other’s lives and provided the security they were both longing for. This was truly the friendship Marshmallow had been looking for throughout her journey. But she never actually thought she would find it so quickly.

Looking back at the night she made a wish to the shooting star, Marshmallow recalls how she had a weird feeling that someone was listening to her wish. She now strictly believes that whoever or whatever heard her wish made it come true. “Even though some friendships do not work out the way you want them to, there is a reason that happens and that is to be able to find a true and genuine friendship that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your life,” Marshmallow said softly to herself.

She realized that you did not have to carve your name into a tree trunk or make a pact in order to keep a friendship going. It did not matter what promises you made with your words because the only thing that really mattered was the heart. Even if you swear that you will be friends forever with your mouth, you can just be saying the words and not really mean them from your heart.

Another thing Marshmallow came to realize was that great things do come in small packages. Just like Gabriella, our closest friends understand us the best sometimes more than anyone else in our lives. Sometimes, the friends you think are your “best friends” are not the true ones. But there are true friends in your life, you just have to find them and not wait for them to come to you.







二頭のゾウはマシュマロに近づき、「私たちはもうあなたの友達じゃないから、私たちに近づかないでね」と言いました。マシュマロはがっかりした声でこう答えました。「でも、どうして2人ともこんなことをするの?私はあなた達を信頼していたから、こんなことになるとは思ってなかったよ。" その日言われた言葉は、彼女の心に深い傷を刻み、修復することはほとんど不可能であった。その為、彼女の心は粉々に砕け散り、涙がポロポロと額を濡らし始めた。そして、どうしたらいいのかわからなくなり、落ち込んでしまった。
















不可避免的是,有些事情即将改变她平静而幸福的生活轨迹。仿佛一场大风暴正在她头上形成,而她对此毫无所知。云层开始变得越来越暗,直到最后开始哭泣下雨。她的生活曾经有阳光透过每个缝隙照耀,现在却充满了黑暗。棉花糖发现,她的 "最好的朋友 "其实并不是她所想的那样。她被欺骗了,以为她可以依赖和信任他们,而他们成为她朋友的唯一原因是为了变得更受欢迎。现在阿里尔和娜拉已经获得了知名度,所以不再需要棉花糖这个朋友了。

两只大象走过来对棉花糖说:"我们不再是你的朋友了,所以你要离我们远一点"。棉花糖回答说,她的声音充满了失望:"但是你们两个为什么要这样做?我信任你们俩,没想到会发生这种事。" 那天对她说的那些话在她的心里刻下了一道深深的伤口,几乎无法弥补。她的心因为这件事而碎成了一万块,然后开始啜泣。她变得非常迷茫,不知道该怎么做,并开始变得沮丧。

接下来的几周对棉花糖来说更加痛苦,因为每次她看到她以前的 "最好的朋友",他们都会完全无视她,好像她不再存在于他们的世界里。她觉得自己是个局外人,在这个她以前称之为家的村庄里没有归属感。她的生活不再充满欢乐,而是充满了悲伤和背叛。感觉整个世界都在盯着她,因为她不再适合其他人。她就像一个陌生人,走遍了每家每户,试图找到一个让她感到舒适的地方。但是无处可寻,因为阿里尔和娜拉散布谣言说棉花糖是一个多么可怕的朋友,所以没有人愿意和她说话或让她参加他们的聚会。

因此,棉花糖决定离开村庄,去寻找一个新的、真正的朋友。黎明前,她从舒适的床上爬起来,收拾了一个背包,带着她认为需要的一些东西,离开了村庄。现在已经没有回头路了。通过这次旅行,她将过去的事情抛在脑后,重新开始她的生活。离开她的 "假 "朋友,开始寻找新的朋友,这感觉很好。



第二天早上,棉花糖决定在村子里走走,她不知道她最终会有人生中最美妙的邂逅。在很远的地方,她看到一只棕色的小象向她走来,于是她决定开始交谈。棉花糖清了清嗓子,说:"早上好,你叫什么名字?" 棕色小象回答说:"我叫加布里埃拉。很高兴见到你。" 两只大象立刻感觉到彼此之间的联系,都不知道为什么。这就是所谓的命运。它是我们无法控制的东西,也是不可避免的预定的东西。



回顾她向流星许愿的那个夜晚,棉花糖回忆说,她有一种奇怪的感觉,觉得有人在听她的愿望。她现在严格相信,不管是谁听到了她的愿望,都让她的愿望成真了。"尽管有些友谊并不像你希望的那样,但发生这种情况是有原因的,那就是能够找到一份真正的、真挚的友谊,让你能够在余生中珍惜。" 棉花糖轻轻地对自己说。


棉花糖认识到的另一件事是,伟大的事情确实是小事一桩。就像加布里埃拉一样,我们最亲密的朋友有时比我们生活中的任何人都更能理解我们。有时,你认为是你 "最好的朋友 "的朋友并不是真正的朋友。但是,你的生活中存在真正的朋友,你只需要找到他们,而不是等待他们来找你。


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