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“No, I’m Not Adopted.”・「いいえ、私は養子ではありません。」・“不,我没有被收养”

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

@Hawaii, U.S.A.

Growing up in Japan, I had never ever seen myself as someone who may be viewed as an adoptee. But when I thought about it, people’s assumptions made sense; let me explain.

When I was fourteen, my family and I moved to Texas and my father stayed in Japan to work so that we could make the move a reality. My mother has skin as white as snow, blue eyes, and blond hair while my Asian-looking father was in Japan.

Everyone who met us was missing a piece of the entire picture of who I was culturally and ethnically. So as a result, of course, they would ask innocent questions like, “were you adopted?” or “where were you adopted from?”

It is worth noting that I have no ill feelings towards anyone who has asked me this question. I actually applaud them for having the courage to ask.

My one piece of advice would be the following: next time you want to ask someone a question concerning their race, try getting to know them first.

If you take the time to hear a bit of their story, you will most likely be able to find the answer to your initial question without offending them as well as not embarrassing yourself. If you don’t have the time to talk with them, then perhaps you don’t have the right to assume and then comment on their race.

So, to all of y’all who are or have ever been curious: no, I am not adopted.

















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