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From Virtual to Reality・仮想から現実へ・从虚拟到现实

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Guest Post by Rookie Marksman “At home amidst the sounds of cracking bark, the movement of soft earth gives way to paths meant to be carved. The deep, crisp smell of the pines provides welcome seclusion. With the familiar form of tools that have lasted a lifetime, I am returned to the simple pleasures of Life. Moving from task,To craft, To freedom,I find my soul and my spirit at peace.”

“Though much is taken, much abides and though we are not now, that strength which in old days, moved earth and heaven. That which we are, we are: One equal temper of heroic hearts made weak by time and fate, but strong in will.To strive, to seek,To find,And not to yield.”

My first mountain that I climbed was not in North America. I did not sweat. The backpack I carried was not heavy. There were no annoying bugs to bite me. I did not feel hot or cold. In fact, the first mountain I climbed was not even on a real map.

It was in a video game.

The reality is, many people climb their first mountain in video games or in movies or in television shows way before they even set foot at the base of a real mountain. They see what others have captured in photos and videos. They hear the simulated background music. They do not experience the discomfort of carrying a backpack that contains the crucial components to sustaining the most primitive life functions up against gravity towards an atmosphere with less oxygen.

Hiking up my first real mountain left me breathless. Literally, my body was not physically in-shape to climb 13,000 feet in elevation in one day. I had spent my entire life in the flat plains of West Texas until that point.

That was only the start. This is only the start. There is more to come. On this climb up a mountain.


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